The Hughes News

Stan | Mirriam | Jessica | Andrew

Welcome to another issue of the Hughes News! Stan and Mirriam got the year off to a great start when, during the New Year's Eve Bowl-A-Thon, they each bowled a perfect game! I guess all those vodka gimlets had something to do with it. Unfortunately, everyone else at the party had already passed out, so we only have Stan and Mirriam's word for it.

Those of you who have been out to the house recently might remember that little remodeling project that seems to have dragged on for the last decade or so. Well, we have good news to report! Thanks to an unexpected bit of time off from work, Mirriam was able to retile the kitchen, paint all the bedrooms, and finally get that darn backyard gate to stay latched. Way to go, Mirriam!

We know some of you were expecting a visit from us last summer, and we were sorry to disappoint you. But with this darned economy, we had to stick a little closer to home. It's not all bad news, though. So many of the mothers around here have taken part-time work that Jessica has had to turn down baby-sitting jobs! Her college fund just keeps getting fatter and fatter. Or would keep getting fatter, that is, if there weren't so many great movies out!

Now that Stan has more time at home, he and Andrew have set up a little pitching mound and home plate out back. It turns out that Stan really has lost a step or two since college, but Andrew has developed one wicked slider! Just don't tell our next-door neighbor, Ted, who it was that kept breaking his kitchen window!

Jessica wanted you all to know that she really appreciated all the great gifts she got for her birthday and that she really did want to write each and every one of you a thank-you note, but that Mom and Dad insisted on having her write the family newsletter this year. Those are her school buddies in the picture, inspecting the first draft of the newsletter.

We have a bit of sad news to report this year. Most of you remember Ollie Ollie Oxinfree, our parrot. Well, he finally visited that Brazilian rain forest in the sky. He had been with us so long that we still hear him, out in the kitchen, tormenting the cat with his cries of "Awk! Here kitty! Here kitty!"

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